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Why Your Business Needs A ‘Marketing Champion’

brandollo,small business marketing

Kung Fu can refer to any skill achieved through hard work and practice – not just a martial art. That means you can be a Kung Fu business owner, a Kung Fu Accountant or even a Kung Fu Developer..

For small businesses a Kung Fu Marketing Manager would make a huge difference, however the costs for those lethal skills are often just too high. So what can a small business do if they have a limited budget? Here’s the answer… The first and most important step is to select a “Marketing Champion”. The Second step is to support your Marketing Champion so that they can study their Kung Fu, for you.


Hang on, what’s a Marketing Champion?

In a small business it’s critical that you centralise the ownership of your marketing activities with one individual. A single person who will be accountable for both driving and delivering results. Your Marketing Champion is that person. They will become a valuable asset that’s well worth investing in.

The responsibilities of your Marketing Champion will depend on your business, but they can include tasks such as:

  • Marketing planning
  • Publishing blog posts
  • Website management
  • Managing social media
  • Digital advertising
  • Event organisation
  • Customer research

Most importantly — your Marketing Champion is responsible for chasing other individuals when they hold up marketing deliverables. For example if a manager needs to sign off on an advert, a staff member is late with their blog post or the business owner has yet to set a marketing budget. It’s the Marketing Champion’s job to hold each of them accountable.


How To Select Your Marketing Champion

Your ideal Marketing Champion is someone who has existing marketing knowledge, available capacity and a desire to be more involved in marketing. This is a great mix if you can get it, however not every business is lucky enough to have an expert marketer hanging around.

The next best scenario is to identify a staff member who as the best mix of these 4 elements:

  • Some existing marketing knowledge
  • Available capacity to take on marketing tasks
  • The ability to learn about new technologies
  • A desire to be more involved in marketing


How To Develop Your Marketing Champion

Marketing has the power to transform your business. That’s why it’s important to invest adequate time and resources into getting it right. For your Marketing Champion this translates into support. You need to provide your Marketing Champion with the time, resources and management support that they need to be successful in this role. That means keeping promises for support and education, adhering to agreed deadlines and managing other staff expectations. After-all.. remember that Kung Fu can refer to any skill achieved through hard work and practice, not just a martial art..

Brian McCarthy is the Founder of Brandollo — The automated Marketing Assistant. Brandollo delivers customised marketing advice and on-going marketing support to small businesses at a price they can afford.
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