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4 Of The Best Books For Startup Founders

best startup books

“What’s the best Startup book that you’ve read?” It’s a question that’s kickstarts great conversations and friendly debates.

A great Startup book can be a priceless source of reference and inspiration for Founders battling the daily Startup grind. It can also be a catalyst for breakthroughs in product development and accelerated growth.

We’ve put together a short list of the 4 best Startup books that we’ve enjoyed and if you have a favourite that’s not on the list – let us know! 🙂

best startup books to read

Startupland: How Three Guys Risked Everything To Turn an Idea Into a Global Business

By Mikkel Svane

Startupland is the incredible story of the multi billion dollar SaaS company, Zendesk. The book take us on a journey through the eyes of Founder Mikkel Svan and chronicles the amazing challenges and growth which the business has experienced.

Zendesk began from its humble roots as a Copenhagen Startup and then relocated to America, where it became one a  Startup Unicorns. This is a terrific read and definitely one of the best Startup books for SaaS enthusiasts.

recommended Startup books

The Hard Things About Hard Things

By Ben Horowitz

The Hard Things About Hard Things is written by Startup Founder and high profile investor Ben Horowitz.

The book chronicles Horowitz own entrepreneurial journey, exploring and dissecting in detail many of the key challenges that Startup founders face. The book draws on Horowitz extensive personal experience and is both entertaining and easy to read.

This a book that offers huge number of learnings that range from product development to team management, marketing and ultimately scaling a business. It’s one of our favourites and a must for any Startup founder.

Startup books

Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Startup Bubble

By Daniel Lyons

Instead of being written by one of a Startup Founder, ‘Disrupted‘ is told from the perspective of an employee hired by a well known global Marketing-Tech company.

Daniel Lyons paints a vivid picture of a chaotic world where Startup madness is in full swing, staff vanish without warning and allegations of illegal activity are made.

This is a fly on the wall style expose that delivers page turning entertainment and more than a few lessons in what questionable ethics might look like. Disrupted is a book that is sure to take only a couple of days to chomp through.

Blitzscaling – The lightning-fast path to building Billion-dollar companies

By Reid Hoffman & Chris Yeh

Blitzscaling is a book that explores the pro’s & cons of prioritising scale in your Startup above everything else.

The book argues that under the right circumstances it is better to aggressively fuel in-organic growth in order to capture market share and acquire thousands (or millions) of users, than to try and do it organically.

This is an approach which we can seen being followed by many highly scalable SaaS companies today. Once they demonstrate strong product-market-fit and scalability, they close a huge funding round. The capital injection is used to fuel a massive customer acquisition campaign as they race to corner their niche.

Blitzscaling references numerous examples such as AirBnB and Amazon in great detail, providing almost an almost forensic analysis of the lessons their journeys offer. The book also shines a clear and cold light on the potential pitfalls of pursuing a blitzscaling strategy.

This is a great read for any SaaS founders or marketers out there and is sure to get you thinking carefully about the right growth strategy for you!

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