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Shhh…. 4 Free Marketing Tools For Startups & Small Business

free marketing tools,brandollo


They say the best things in life are free.. and here are 4 free marketing tools listed by Brandollo to help launch your business into the stratosphere!


Canva – Free Graphic Design Tool


If you have a small graphic design job or perhaps zero budget, Canva is exactly the free marketing tool that you’re looking for.

Canva is an incredible  tool that lets you design logos, social media tiles, digital ads and even eBooks, without a graphic designer! The platforms interface is user friendly and will allow you to create designs from templates and then save or download your creation. You can use Canva for free or upgrade your account depending on your needs. While there’s no replacing the skill of a graphic designer, Canva is a great choice when you’re a startup or small business in need of a free alternative.



Unsplash – Free High Quality Images

Whether you’re publishing blog posts, updating your website or creating marketing emails, great images are critical. If you don’t have deep pockets to pay for copyrighted photos, check out Unsplash. This website is an absolute gem of a free marketing tool and is home to tons of high quality photos that you can download and use for free. Search images based on keyword or just browse until you find the right picture, Unsplash will save you hours of time that would have otherwise been spent scrolling through Google images (always double check the image rights, just to be on the safe-side!)




Hubspot – Free Inbound Marketing Tool


If you don’t know what inbound marketing is, then you’re missing out. Hubspot is a free marketing tool which will help you to convert your website visitors, into customers. The free version of the Hubspot service, integrates with your existing website and allows you to install tailored pop-up windows and to create your own customer database.There’s even a tool to help you to manage your sales-pipeline, as well as a bunch of free online courses to up-skill your team.

The paid version of Hubspot can be expensive for startups and small business, but the free version of the software is user friendly and works just fine.




Brandollo Blog  – Free Marketing Tips


Yes this is shameless self-promotion but hey, at Brandollo we really publish great marketing advice that makes a difference. Take a look through our free marketing articles or sign up to our mailing list to get content for free. Our goal is to help Startups and small businesses thrive and if that helps you, then we’d love to have you onboard 🙂

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So there you have it, marketing has the power to transform the future of your business. Hopefully the above free marketing tools will help you to save some money along the  path to success!

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