marketing campaign for small business brandollo

Make A Splash – 6 Marketing Campaign Tips For Small Business

marketing campaign for small business brandollo

Marketing campaigns can be a powerful growth tool for small business and startups. But if you have a limited budget, are marketing campaigns within your reach?… 
Absolutely! Here are 6  tips to get you started


1) Choose your campaign objectives and scope

What do you want your marketing campaign to achieve? Do you want to 10% increase in sales, or do you need to capture 100 new business leads. Whatever your objective is, be clear and detailed about it. The more specific you can be about your goal, the easier it will be to create a campaign to make it happen.

2) Identify your target audience

It’s really important to know exactly who you want your marketing campaign to target. As you’ve have limited resources, you’ll you want to make them count. You can do this by being specific about ‘who’ you are targeting and ‘why’. Think about your targets unique characteristics, needs and interests when you’re designing your campaign.

3) Choose your marketing channels

Once you know who you want to target, it’s time to choose the marketing channels you will use. The best  channels are the ones that your target audience use and trust and which are appropriate to your offering.

For example, do you target customers use Linkedin, search for specific articles online, attend industry events or spend time on specific social media channels? Write down a list of all of the relevant channels that you can think of and then pick the ones are going to be most effective for your campaign.

4) Set a budget

Marketing campaigns can be run on a shoe-string budget, as long as you have capacity to invest time instead of money. By using the right combination of free tools such as Social Media, SEO, blogging, and a small budget to boost content / create targeted ads, you can achieve a lot.

Remember that marketing campaigns are an investment in growth, so do set a budget – even if it’s a small one!

5) Set a timeline

Set a realistic start-date and end-date for your campaign. This will help you to focus your attention and to set clear deliverables. It will also provide your target audience with a motivation to make a purchase / action decision before the campaign ends.

6) Measure as you go

Tracking your progress will enable you to adapt your approach and also improve future marketing campaigns for your business.

Decide what metrics you will be using to monitor your campaign and check-in regularly. Every marketing campaign is an experiment and as such it pays to understand what’s actually working and what’s not


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