Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tips That Work

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Facebook Marketing Tips

With over 2 billion active users Facebook represents an incredible marketing opportunity for small businesses. Here are 7 Facebook marketing tips to make sure that your business is on the right track.

  1. Set up Your Facebook Business Page (Properly)

Your Facebook business page is an incredible opportunity to showcase your business. Whether you’re a Startup or an established business it’s important that you complete in a number of important details for your visitors.

    • Fill in as many relevant company details as you can (opening hours, contact details, address, services etc)
    • Complete ‘your story’. This is your opportunity to share your business journey and story with your audience.
    • Use a high quality logo in your page profile-photo
  • Use a high-resolution header image that is the right size (tip: Canva.com is a great tool for sizing Facebook images)
  1. Engage With Facebook Business Groups

Facebook groups are communities of Facebook users who come together around a particular subject or cause.

A great Facebook marketing tip is to find the Facebook groups that are most relevant to your customers and business. Where appropriate, become an active member of the group and get to know your audience. Often different groups will focus on specific geographic areas, allowing you to target customers within your area.


Help to answer questions posted to the group, ‘like’ and ‘share’ other peoples posts and keep an eye out for requests for services like yours. Becoming an active member of the right Facebook group can both increase your own Facebook page following and translate into real business.

  1. Start Your Own Facebook Group

Another great marketing tip is to consider starting your own Facebook business group. Find a topic or cause that’s relevant to your target audience. For example it could be “small business owners of Sydney” or “The HR Professionals Group”.

Creating your own group will allow you to support your business community, place your brand amongst potential customers and will also enable you (as the group admin) to communicate offers to the group.


If you do create a Facebook group it’s important to put the interest and health of that community ahead of your sales targets. The best groups will become a hub of lively conversation and activity. The benefit to your bottom line will grow from that community.

  1. Publish Fresh Content & Be Consistent

Facebook is a terrific stage to showcase your latest content. You can republish recent blog posts, articles, videos and photos that your business has created and share them with your audience. Your business page is also a great opportunity to develop the ‘human face’ of your business. Publishing fresh content is a great marketing tip that shows your audience that your business is alive and thriving.

  1. Be Visual

Images are one of the most engaging ways to communicate on social networks and an important Facebook marketing tip. Consider creating educational infographics, posting images from relevant events that you attend and snapshots of life-inside your business.


Canva.com is a free tool which helps you to create and edit images that meet Facebook’s size specifications. Post images with captions, create special offers or even design memes to connect with your audience. Knock yourself out!

  1. Boost Your Content:

When you publish a high-quality article or piece of content on Facebook, you can ‘boost’ that post to increase the potential audience size.

‘Boosting’ a post allows you to select exactly who you would like Facebook to show your post to and to decide how much money you would like to spend to promote it. Often small businesses will spend $10-$15 from their marketing budget to boost a good blog post.


Make sure that your content always includes at least one naturally placed  ‘Call To Action’. For example: “sign up to learn more” or “click here for a demo”.

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising tools for small businesses. Even if you only have a small budget, you can select exactly who to target your ads to and begin to see results. One of the best Facebook marketing tips is to consciously invest some time and budget experimenting with Facebook Ads. Whether you’re looking for leads, to increase brand awareness or to offer a special promotion, Facebook ads is a flexible option.


Invest time exploring the different types of ‘target audiences’ that you can target. Think about the profile of your target customer and then use that information to help build your first Facebook target audience.

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