Customer Pain Points,small business marketing,brandollo

Your Customer Pain Points – The Source of Marketing Success

Customer Pain Points,small business marketing,brandollo

Customer pain points are the driving force behind almost every purchase decision that is made.

Pain points can range from simple biological needs such as being thirsty, to more complex examples such as the underlying causes behind why a manager might be ‘time-poor’. Here are 3 great reasons why your customers paint points can make or break your business:

Customer Pain Points Drive Almost Every Purchase Decision

From buying coffee to signing contracts, all of your customers actions are dictated by their unique pain points. Sometimes these points are obvious, but often they are more complex. The better your understanding of your customers issues, the more interested they will be in using your product/service. Take the time to properly map out your customers pain points, its a worthwhile investment.

Your Value Proposition Must Address Your Customers Pain Points

Your value proposition is that powerful statement which defines who your company is and what unique ‘value’ you are offering. It’s also the statement which will act as the source of almost all of your core sales and marketing content. For this reason the very best value propositions will directly address customer pain-points, making it perfectly clear why your brand is the one they should care about.

Your Key Messages Will Truly Resonate, If They Echo Your Customers Needs

Customers ‘switch on’ when topics that they care about are on the table. Instead of wasting money on irrelevant content and advertising, take the time to first tailor your key messages so that they echo your customers needs. By doing this you will speak in a language and on topics which your customer will genuinely be interested in.

So there you have it. Customer pain points offer an incredible opportunity to increase sales and solve real customer problems. With benefits like that, it’s time to break out your whiteboard..

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