Clarity Of Purpose – The Key To Marketing Growth

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When is the last time you wrote down exactly what success looks like for you?
You may work hard, but how can you be sure that you’re achieving your core purpose if you can’t describe what it is? ‘Clarity of Purpose’ is a powerful concept which refers to exactly that.

The concept of Clarity of Purpose applies not just to you personally but also to the growth of your business. I’ve worked with many organisations and have found it’s common for real clarity to be missing from business planning. Politics, deadlines and staff changes are all factors which can get in the way and muddy the waters. While financial targets and broad mission statements are both important, the reality is that a single rally point is critical for success. Employees and customers both search for clarity and are more likely to be engaged when they understand what they are dealing with. Here are 3 examples of how clarity of purpose will help both you and your business to thrive.

Faster Decisions 

Clarity of purpose will improve your ability to make good decisions. Once you know exactly what it is you’re working to achieve, the decision making process in both business and life will become easier and faster. Options can be easily be weighed by asking one simple question:

“Will this decision take me closer or further away from my core purpose?”

There will always be nuances behind every decision but having a clear reference point will allow you to quickly reference the true value of each choice.

Better Leadership

Great leaders are able to inspire and motivate their teams. This often comes from their ability to rally others around a specific goal, in a way that makes others want to achieve it too. Staff know when they have a leader who is uncertain about planning and strategy. These are the leaders who procrastinate over decisions and often send contradictory signals to their teams.

On the other hand, leaders who have successfully shared their clarity of purpose are in a much stronger position. They are able to clearly communicate ‘what’ everyone is working towards and ‘why’ it’s important. Certainty is one of the cornerstones of great leadership and helps to ensure that everybody is on the same page.

Better Results

With so many tasks competing for our attention it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re working towards (and how you’re going to get there). How can you build a business, win clients or successfully lead others if you can’t explain what it is that you’re doing? It’s only when you have defined a reference point for success that you can begin to measure your activities and achievements against it. This reference point will allow you to cut away unnecessary tasks and instead, to focus your energy on the actions that produce results.

Defining your clarity of purpose is a powerful exercise which will enable you to make better decisions, improve as a leader and achieve better results. So take some time and think about it carefully – what are you really working towards?

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