Why All B2B Brands Should Produce Original Content

If you really want your brand to thrive, then original content is one of the best ways to showcase your expertise.


People often think that creating content is difficult for a business to do. They worry about choosing a topic, setting aside time to write or record, and then ensuring that what they have created is actually good enough to publish. It all sounds like a lot of work – right?

The reality however is that with just a little planning, all of these obstacles can be overcome. More importantly, by setting aside time to publish even One piece of original content each month, you will help your brand to outshine the competition. Now that’s an outcome worth investing in!

Still don’t believe me? Well here are 3 great reasons why all B2B brands should produce original content.

Be The Thought Leader


Every business specialises in something. After spending years honing your craft and becoming an expert in your field, it doesn’t make sense to hide that expertise away.

By publishing monthly content on Linkedin or your company website, you can quickly establish your brand as a thought-leader in your field. No matter what area you specialise in, there are people who will benefit from your expertise. Begin by thinking about the questions that your customers most often ask you and then use those questions as the basis for your content.

Remember – you are more likely to be viewed as an expert if people are aware of your expertise.

It’s Going To Be Easier Than You Think


Audience members enjoy content that is succinct and delivered in an easy to digest format. This is great news as it means that creating your content just became easier!

Here are 3 quick tips for simplifying the content creation process:

  • Clarity – Have a clear title that explains what the post/content is about
  • Short & Sweet – You can keep your posts to about 250 words and your videos/podcasts to less than 3 minutes
  • Readability – Break blog posts into paragraphs with clear headings – this makes it much easier for the reader to consume.


You’ve Gotta Be Different To Stand Out


If you want your brand to stand out, then you need to be different. Think about how logical that is.

Lots of companies have blogs, however they’re usually either empty or populated with a few old posts. If this sounds like your competition, then you have an incredible opportunity to stand out from the crowd. By committing to publishing and sharing original content each month (on a topic that your customers care about) – you will immediately make you brand more visible than your competition.

So if you’re a B2B brand that wants to grow – maybe this is the sign you’ve been looking for..

Brian McCarthy

CEO & Founder – Brandollo

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