Brandollo, small business marketing


Meet The Brandollo Team


Brandollo is lead by Brian McCarthy and Marco Muscat, both of whom are passionate about building simple solutions to complex problems. Together Brian and Marco possess a powerful mix of technical and marketing expertise that has enabled them to develop the Brandollo platform.


Brian McCarthy – Founder & CEO


Brian is a strategic marketer with over 16 years experience in B2B branding and strategy. Brian had the idea for Brandollo when he noticed that small businesses frequently struggled to access tailored marketing advice.

With experience building a successful B2B platform business, Brian set out to develop a new solution to help small business access affordable marketing advice. Brian has worked with over one hundred brands across both Europe and Australia and was previously the Director of a Melbourne marketing agency.


Marco Muscat – Co-Founder & CTO


Marco is a full stack engineer with extensive experienced across web applications, API development and database engineering.

Marco is passionate about employing machine learning to develop better solutions to everyday problems. Marco has channelled this passion into the development of the Brandollo solution for small business. In addition to substantial international development experience, Marco also holds a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University.

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