Linkedin Marketing Tips

8 LinkedIn Marketing Tips That Work

Linkedin Marketing Tips

Linkedin has more than 562 million total users out of which 260 million login and use the platform daily.  Here are 8 proven Linkedin marketing tips that work:

1. Set Up Your Company Page 

Your company page helps to build your brand on LinkedIn, work as a channel to let people reach out to you, help you source new talent for your company, and establish your brand as a thought leader.

While setting up your LinkedIn company page (and showcase pages, if any) are set up properly with a clean look and clear description of your company. Visuals matter on social media networks, and that includes LinkedIn. Use appropriate and correctly sized images (including a professional headshot for your profile image).


2. Post Content & Amplify Your Presence

Your LinkedIn personal page, your company page, and showcase pages are nothing without you taking the effort to publish content updates.

Create and post content that will be helpful for your audience. For best results, create articles that you can both post natively in Linkedin and link back to your website or blog.

  • Create original snippets of content (including text, graphics, images, infographics, and videos) exclusive for your network on LinkedIn.
  • Share what you already have on LinkedIn — your blog posts and all other content you might produce.
  • Share content that belongs to others (non-competing sources, of course) which might still be of relevance and interest to your own audience on LinkedIn.

Do note that your content production, sharing, and community contributions (leaving comments, writing in groups, etc.) should be consistent.


3. Proactively Engage With Your Audience

On LinkedIn, your primary goal is to develop your personal brand (or build your company’s brand with your company page). You need engagement and reach to make that happen.

Engagement refers to actual interactions you have with other LinkedIn members, within LinkedIn groups, or on company pages that belong to other brands. Likewise, engagement also refers to all sorts of interactions (including likes, comments, shares, and personal one-to-one communication through the LinkedIn messaging system).

Reach, on the other hand, is the sum total of all views of your content or engagement activities across linkedIn.

While you are on LinkedIn, like and comment on others’ posts that might be relevant to your own actual audiences. This helps you boost engagement, visibility, reach, and help others take note of your knowledge and expertise.


4. Use Video & Make a Splash

Nothing beats video when it comes to making an impact with your content. Video is the next best thing to having the world see you in person. Videos make you (or your brand) be trustworthy.

On LinkedIn, a video is 5X more likely to trigger a conversation on your company page than anything else.

More than 74% of potential buyers watch videos before making any purchase. 83% of businesses surveyed believe that video gives them a positive ROI (Return on Investment), and at least 97% of businesses revealed that using videos helps them explain their products and services to potential customers. Don’t be afraid to use video.

Even short videos on topics that help your customers are powerful. Videos help you to showcase your expertise and makes your brand more human. You could use videos to share some insights, leave tips for your audience, share behind-the-scenes information on new product launches, and so much more.

Put a face to your content and your results from your efforts on LinkedIn will pay off.


5. Take Advantage of LinkedIn as a Publishing Platform

LinkedIn publishing platform allows any LinkedIn member to expand their own reach, create an opportunity for thought leadership, and to let you share your knowledge with the rest of the world. When you use your personal LinkedIn profile to create and publish new articles and thought leadership pieces on LinkedIn, both you and your company’s brand gets visibility.

Make a plan, create a content calendar separately for writing on LinkedIn Publishing platform and post new content regularly. Show that you’re a thought leader, share your knowledge freely, and this helps everyone know that you are the “go to” expert in the area your business relates to.


6. Always Add Value

The number one rule on any platform (also as a principle of success in life generally) is to “give” before you ask. It’s to create and share value first. When you give away information, insights, tips, and mention others in your content, you are setting up the stage for the whole world to give back to you.

Create content and contribute to the community on LinkedIn (on your feed, with your network, within LinkedIn groups, and by using the LinkedIn Publishing platform) such that your efforts actually adds value to your audience and to the community. Regularly posting irrelevant content or comments can actually undermine all of the hard work you’ve done to build your brand.


7. Experiment With LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

By keeping a complete profile for yourself and for your company page, by sharing content, creating new content, and by contributing to the community on LinkedIn, you’re doing everything you can to build both your personal brand and your company’s brand.

Depending on your business type, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can give you an extra edge when it comes to identifying leads. Social Selling is the act of selling by getting social, building connections, and selling at an appropriate time (when your prospects are ready) instead of making outright pitches first.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s product to help you make use of social selling. The tool also helps you select the exact people and/or companies you want to sell to, get social with your prospects on the platform, and to make sales happen when the time is right or when an opportunity presents itself.

By using a combination of LinkedIn itself, LinkedIn InMail (this is LinkedIn’s email system that lets you reach anyone on the network – we recommend using this with caution and not spamming users), and the Sales Navigator, you can  fill up your pipeline and generate new leads in a short amount of time.


8. Keep Your Personality Switched On!

You are unique because of your voice, your personality, and the unique individual that you are. Likewise, your brand will have a voice, personality, and uniqueness too. First, identify your own — and your company’s — tone of voice. Then, communicate consistently using that tone of voice. Your content, videos, messages, comments, and everything else you do on the platform should reflect that tone.

When you do that long enough, you’ll be building a recognisable brand personality. Much like Gary Vaynerchuck or Sir Richard Branson do.

How are your efforts on LinkedIn coming along?


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