small business marketing tips

3 Ways To Improve Your Marketing (This Week)

small business marketing tips

Here are 3 great tips to immediately improve your marketing.

1. Launch a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are an effective way to connect with your target audience and you don’t need a huge budget. Whether you want to generate new business leads or offer potential customers a deal you can do it with FB ads.



  • Use eye catching imagery to help your ad stand out. is a great resource that will enable you to create simple Facebook ads, and even provides free templates that you can use
  • Facebook allows you to target the specific people that you want to connect with. Make sure you spend enough time identifying your target audience
  • If you don’t know how to use FB ads, Brandollo will teach you how to create and publish simple ads for your business


2. Publish Fresh Content

Your business is an expert is a specific area, that’s why your customers hire you.

Instead of keeping your expertise under wraps why not publish a short article on a topic that will be helpful to your prospective customers? Consider answering a commonly asked question or sharing some insights on trends that affect their businesses.



  • A short blog-post is better than none at all
  • Break your article into short paragraphs with clear headings, to improve readability
  • Use an engaging image (check out
  • Publish the article on your company blog, and share it on LinkedIn and


3. Send An Interesting Email

When’s the last time you sent an email to your professional contacts list?

Consider creating a short and engaging email that will connect your brand with your audience. The most important thing is to make sure that your email adds value to your readers. Invite them to an upcoming event, share some tips that will help their business or offer them something of value that they need.



  • is a great tool that helps to design clean and attractive emails
  • The strength of your email headline will impact how many people open it
  • Keep your email short and relevant, respect your readers time

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